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Tuesday, April 3 2012

Click On French was in the news on TV (France 2, a French channel)

Click On French was on TV last week, on a very popular French channel : France 2, and in prime time.
Good job the team!!

Fichier vidéo intégré

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Tuesday, February 14 2012

A new office for Click On French !

Last week Click On French successfully moved to its new office. It is located in Lajpat Nagar just opposite the main Gurudwara. The whole team is already back to work and everybody seems very happy. Next step : some decoration !

Team ClickOnFrench

Team ClickOnFrench 2

Here is Deepti, the soul of Click On French :


A bientôt ! L'équipe Click On French.

Thursday, February 2 2012

Click On French team grows bigger !

We are happy to welcome two new employees at, Gauthier et Antoine !


They're French and they're comin from Clermont-Ferrand, a city located right in the middle of the France. Being postgraduated students in eLearning from the Blaise-Pascal university, they're here to help us improve the clickonfrench website. The result of their work with us will be the creation of new features inside Click On French, to improve your learning experience. Bienvenue à Antoine et Gauthier !

L'équipe Click On French

Monday, April 18 2011

Studying in France becomes easy when you know French !!!

Hello,Have you ever given a thought that how important role the native language can play if you plan to study in the respective country ? The article below is dedicated mainly to the French higher education and the opportunities for students there.

No matter wherever you are going, the native language will help you become more independent, self confident and integrated with the culture and society. Today’s students are aspirants and more open to internationalization however they don’t devote enough time to foreign languages and realize it’s importance in their future career. Imagine your impression on people seeing your linguistic ability in prospects. This will be an add on to your personality and will reflect how motivated you are.

ClickOnFrench provides basics of French language anywhere, anytime to everyone .Studying French language becomes much easier and faster because of the online course that allows you to choose your time and place to learn. The level they get after this course allows them to communicate in French and gives them many opportunities like to work in a French company,travel,study,work in France and know more about the French culture. So let’s share the essential aspects which an Indian student should know before going to France.

There are some French universities which are supported by the government of France so the fees are very nominal, between 150 and 400 Euros. However the private schools can charge up to 8000 euro’s /year. The students who cannot afford private schools can avail scholarships and also receive a monthly stipend up to 450€/month. Also, the students can receive money assistance from a government organization called CAF which is intended to partially cover their rent. Not only student but anyone with limited resources can be benefited by this help. There are two types of housing subsidies paid by the CAF: APL and ASL.The accommodation fees depend on which kind of residence you chose .If it is a residence for academic scholar it will be less expensive than a private one. Students can have part time jobs after their courses and on weekends. The most important condition of finding a job is to know the language. The most popular jobs for students are pamphlet distributors, waiters, hostess in restaurants and hotels, bartenders, babysitters, part time tutor etc. For the above mentioned jobs, the most important requirement is to interact with French people, and if they don’t know how to speak french the chances to find a job diminuate a lot. Being a student in France gives you lot of discounts at Cinema, Discotheques, Museums, Fast-Food Restaurants, public transport as you are provided with student card by the university. Also, Restaurants at university offer meals at very affordable price to the students. As there is lot of international restaurants in France you can find almost everywhere an Indian Restaurant. In each town students can find support organizations for finding a job, information, know more about the town and its events etc.

tryyutr.bmpHere ,we have a chance to present you a real example of an Indian student who won a scholarship in Lille at IESEG School. After this beautiful experience he has returned to India and is working with an Indo-French company.

Hi Ashish, tell us please when you went to France, and for how long?

I went to France for one and half years in 2009

Tell us about your scholarship, how you heard about it, how did you got it? picture_3.jpg

I was looking for a good business school to do my masters; meanwhile I came to know about Campus-France (A unit of French Embassy for its culture and education) where they guide students for any field of education. I took the Information about the business schools and how to get scholarship from campus France. I applied for IESEG School of Management (a top ranking business school) and also got the 50% scholar ship in course fees on the performance of essay writing and interview.

Why you chosen France?

As France is well known for its culture and famous for its education programs, more are in the field of business and management, an exposure to studying in Europe, imbibing culturally as well as through internship program the work ethos of Europe, I believe that the choice to pursue higher studies in management in France was definitely helpful for me in achieving my aim.

Was it expensive for you to live in France?

It was not very expensive comparing to Indian schools for MBA program, as French Govt. helps every student to pay their house rent (around 40%) and also one can easily get part time job on weekends to bear daily expenses.picture_2.jpg

Tell us about your impression about France, what did you find special?

From my experience I can never forget the impression of French culture from my mind. It was great for me to go and study in France and exploring French culture. For example- French food i.e. cheese and wine is really great to experience.French environment is full of respect and courtesy.

Do you plan to go there again? If yes, what will be objectives?

Yes, I would like to go to France often in Future; I always wanted to be connected to French people and its culture as a result I am working with a French company in India.

How do you think this experience will help you in future?

Of course being in France for Masters really helped me to well versed with business, culture, geographical and political issues concerning not only France but also Europe. Today companies from French speaking nations own around 10% of world business. So knowing about French culture, business style and behavior will definitely help me to work with these companies.


What would be your message to all Indian students?

France is amazing country to explore and learn. Being in France helps not only to explore French culture but also to explore European Culture, which really can help one in career as Europe is a huge trading partner of India and is amongst the biggest investors today in high technology, infrastructure development. If one is planning to go to France I suggest that it is must to learn Basics of French language and culture before leaving to France. I am always thankful to Campus-France and Click on French to help me in learning about French culture and French language.

Thanks to Ashish through him we discovered that to go abroad and study in France is not at all difficult as knowing the french language helped him accomplish his studies and have comfortable stay there.

Lilia Botnari

Community Manager ClickOnFrench

Friday, December 17 2010

Click On French was on TF1 (a popular French channel)

At the occasion of the French president M.Sarkozy visiting India, TF1 was interested to show to the French audience why thousands of students are learning French on Internet, and who is the Indo-French team behind the website. The reportage explains how, thanks to Click On French, several thousands of people in India can now access to a quality and affordable online French course.

Thanks to the journalists who have not just been very professionals, but also very nice !!! Because we are also nice, we’ll give them a free registration ;-)

To see the original video on the TF1 website, it’s here :

Saturday, May 1 2010

La fête du travail (Labor Day), French national holiday - May 1st

The first celebration of the Labor Day took place in France in 1793. Almost one century later, the US unions planned to negociate a 8-hour working day with the corporate world and began their actions on the 1st of May. Two years later, on the 1st of May, more than 200,000 US workers finally saw their request accepted. From now on, the working day will be of 8 hours. However, all other workers started a national strike to access the same benefits.

In 1889, on the firt century anniversary of the French revolution, the French unions made a proposition for celebrating every 1st of May to implement the 8-hours working day for all workers.

Nowadays, the 1st of May is still celebrated in France, as in many other countries. Generally, the labor unions call for demonstrations in all main cities, for " a united 1st of May", for the improvement of the labor laws. In 2010, the demand of the unions and workers will concern mainly the reform of the retirement schemes, but also the general concern of the French regarding the decrease of their purchasing power, the closure of several plants and subsidiaries in France or stress in the working environment.

manifs 1er mai
In France, there is a second tradition on 1st of May. On May 1st, 1561, the King Charles IX received a blade of lily of the valley as a lucky charm. He then decided to offer some to all the ladies from his court, every year, at the same date. Today, we still gift each other some of these flowers to bring luck and happiness to our families and friends.

muguet 1er mai

Sunday, April 18 2010

Welcome to Egis employees (Delhi & Hyderabad) who joined Click On French!

Thanks to Egis India for trusting Click On French to train its employees in French!
Best of luck to all of them!

Friday, April 16 2010

Annual meeting of Alliance Française Directors in India

For the 4th time, the Click On French team was invited to the Annual Meeting of Alliances Françaises Directors in India. On that occasion, our team presented its results for the past year and our upcoming projects, including the development of new distribution channels to answer the needs of our clients, the launch of a newsletter to all our students and contacts to learn more on Click On French and the Franco-Indian relationships...

réu réseau 1
réu réseau 2

Monday, March 22 2010

Méla Francophonie à l'Alliance Française de Delhi!

It's now been three years that Click On French is participating to the Méla organized at Alliance Française de Delhi for the Francophonie day! It's an opportunity for our team to meet our students and all people interested in learning French on a distance mode.

Once more, the Click On French team prepared several surprises for all visitors, including a taste of French delicacy Crêpes and our elephant mascot!

éléphant click 2010
éléphant bannière

cécile francophonie 2010
stand francophonie 2010

Tuesday, February 9 2010

All the Click On French team welcomes the new students from Sopra, European Management Institute and Sorobrain!

We would like to extend a very warm welcome to all of them to the "Click On French" family. We hope that they will thoroughly enjoy this French experience!


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